About Wamsley Elementary

WES logoAt Wamsley Elementary, "We Encourage Success" - in our students, in our teachers, in our staff, and in our families.

Our school is focused on creating the best culture and climate for our staff, our students and our families. We emphasize inclusion because if our students feel loved, if our teachers feel supported, and our families feel welcomed, students feel free to learn and explore, teachers are creative and families support the development of their child.

Wamsley Elementary and staff set high expectations focused on perseverance, growth mindset, positive energy and a sense of urgency.

Wamsley Elementary features:
  • A large garden/outdoor classroom where students are focused on standards based lessons outside and in different learning environments;
  • Full time art. The arts are important for kids. We support academics through art and our students have the opportunity to express themselves through art;
  • Small class sizes. Wamsley Elementary has about 330 students K - 5 making our class sizes small;
  • Science and social studies. Most students receive an hour of hands on science and an hour of social studies every day;
  • Field trips. We want our students to experience what they learn. Every grade level takes field trips regularly to support their classroom learning to build language and experience that aligns with the standards;
  • We honor the past while building the future. Wamsley Elementary has a long legacy of loving kids and helping them become the best student and person they can be. We embrace our legacy while looking forward to prepare our students for jobs that haven't been dreamed of yet.