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Hello Wamsley Families!

As with many of our spring traditions, we were unable to take our annual spring class pictures.  However, in collaboration with our photographer, MJ Thomas, we have created class picture collages from your students’ individual pictures.  You may view and purchase the collages by clicking this link:


We would like to thank MJ Thomas for making this project possible.  We hope you will enjoy these pictures!

Virtual Distance Learning at Wamsley Elementary

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We are continuing the school year through distant virtual learning. As we connect with the students, our goal is to provide some fun-filled learning opportunities and continued support to our Wamsley families. Here is a link to some helpful parent tips during our distance learning:
Distance Learning Parent Support

If you or your child has any questions, please email your child’s homeroom teacher. Thank you for all you do!


Samantha Bartling sbartling@garfieldre2.net


Emma Brown ebrown@garfieldre2.net

Monika Marsh mmarsh@garfieldre2.net

Jenna Allison jallison@garfieldre2.net

First Grade

Diane Cotner dcotner@garfieldre2.net

Deatra Mall dmall@garfieldre2.net

Shannon Phelan sphelan@garfieldre2.net

Second Grade

Sara Harvey sharvey@garfieldre2.net

Emily Rodriguez etorres@garfieldre2.net

Sarah Brusig sbrusig@garfieldre2.net


Third Grade

Matt Rowe mrowe@garfieldre2.net

Melody Hermiller mhermillerd@garfieldre2.net

Kari Beauvais kmorrisbeauvais@garfieldred2.net

Fourth Grade

Maggie Romance mromance@garfieldre2.net

Jessica Allen jrallen@garfieldre2.net

Kari Kuersten kkuersten@garfieldre2.net 

Fifth Grade

Mary Robinson mwright@garfieldre2.net

Hallie Zurawel hzurawel@garfieldre2.net

Special Services

Aaron Hermiller - English Language Learners ahermiller@garfieldre2.net

Lisa Johnson - Special Education ljohnson@garfieldre2.net

Katelyn Goad - TREK Program kgoad@garfieldre2.net


Sarah Volk - Music svolk@garfieldre2.net

Callie Daniels - Phys. Ed. cdaniels@garfieldre2.net

Kanda Hill - Art khill@garfieldre2.net

Melissa Sandquist - Library msandquist@garfieldre2.net

Front Office

Main Office wamsley@garfieldre2.net

Connie Casaus - Office Sec’y ccasaus@garfieldre2.net

Toni Barrett - Finance Sec’y tbarrett@garfieldre2.net

Tiffany Arnold - Health Clerk tarnold@garfieldre2.net

Alba Sanchez - Bilingual asanchez@garfieldre2.net


Kathi Senor - Principal ksenor@garfieldre2.net

Betsy Rice - Dean of Students brice@garfieldre2.net

Cheryl Carpenter -  Academic Coach ccarpenter@garfieldre2.net

Kelly Hillbrand - Academic Coach khillbrand@garfieldre2.net


Experiential Education is Now at Wamsley

We are excited to begin a new chapter at Wamsley Elementary with our new Experiential Education program.  Read more about it here in a letter from our principal, Kathi Senor.
Experiential Education Letter to Families

What's Happening

Heather Grumley
Garfield Re-2 School Board Names Grumley Finalist for Superintendent
Posted on 03/20/2020
At the Thursday, March 19, 2020 Special School Board Meeting, the Garfield Re-2 School Board officially named Interim Superintendent Heather Grumley a ...
Garfield Re-2 seeking school board candidates
Posted on 08/12/2019
The Garfield Re-2 School District calls for nomination of candidates for school directors to be placed on the ballot for the regular biennial school e ...

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